Our Story


AMY & Nicole

Dulcet Rose is an online-only boutique for women created by women, Amy and Nicole. We really go the extra mile to shop high-quality fashion at affordable prices. As moms, who also have full-time jobs, we know what every girl-on-the-go needs. We carefully pick out every single piece of clothing and then find accessories (some made by us!) to match for a complete look! Want a cute bag to really take your outfit to the next level?  Girl… we’ve got you covered! We are a one-stop shop!

Our style is comfortable, casual, feminine, with little pops of sass! Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the clothing that you always gravitate to when you walk into your closet. The clothing you always want to wear bc you love the feel of it, the style of it, the color of it … and most importantly, because you feel like a million bucks in it. We want you to constantly be asked… “where did you get that?” Because… well… we know that is one question that will always make you smile. (And smiling is our favorite).

So who are we? We met when our oldest boys became besties in 2nd grade! We became fast friends over our mutual love of working out, euchre, Prosecco, and shopping. Amy owns a few businesses with her husband and Nicole is a teacher. We are busy moms with 5 kids and 3 dogs between us. We love shopping and accessorizing and thought we would bring that love to you! XOXO